Thanksgiving Service for the Life of Lorna Knapp (06 Dec 2021)

5 December 2021 Sunday Worship Service

COVID safety plan (as of Oct 2021)

Our purpose is

To Love God with our heart, soul mind and might and to Love our neighbour as ourselves.

Ordinary people worshipping an extraordinary God



Parish Information

Minister: Rev Isaac Jung (02 4464 1020 / isaac.jung@hotmail.com)

Session Clerk: Colin Gauld

Service Time: Sunday at 10 am

  • Good Friday & Christmas Day Service at 9 am

Sunday School: Sunday at 10 am

Family Service: Fourth Sunday of every second month at 10 am

Communion: 3rd Sunday of March, June, September, December

Session: 1st Wednesday of each month

Committee of Management: 2nd Wednesday of each month

Berry Kids Club (K-6): 2nd and 4th Friday of each month at 3:30 pm in the Hall

Bible Studies (please contact Colin, Philip and Roy if you would like to join the group)

  • Tuesday 5:30 pm
  • Thursday 9:30 am
  • Friday 10 am

4 weeks New Comer’s Bible Study

Presbyterian Women’s Association: 2nd Wednesday of each month (9:30 am)

Congregational Lunch: 3rd Sunday of each month

Discipleship Training 

DT Application Form

Introduction to Scots’ Presbyterian Church, Berry

Introduction to Berry Presbyterian Church

Centenary of the Charge of Berry, NSW

# G,S & C http://www.gsandc.org.au/

G,S & C is the Gospel, Society and Culture Committee of the Presbyterian Church in NSW. It aims to help the church engage, bless and witness to our society and culture.

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