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# General information

Scots’ Church Berry greatly values the contributions to the ministry of the church by those members who volunteer on our various church rosters. To maintain the present high level of service provided, and for the information of members of the congregation considering serving on any of the rosters, the Committee of Management has developed a set of guides for the following rosters;

Welcoming (door)

Morning Tea

Bible Reading

Intercessory Prayer

Attached for your information is a copy of the guide/s applicable to the roster/s on which you presently serve. Thank you again for your valuable contribution to the ministry of Scots’ Church Berry.

 # Berry Kids’ Club Registration Form

Kids Club Registration- Berry Presbyterian Church

# Work, Heath and Safety (Presbyterian Church of Aus in NSW)

# Breaking the Silence 


# Presbyterian Church of Australia website:

# Daily Devotionals by John Piper

# Audio Bible

# Free Download Documents

The Code Parts I and II_JULY-2017

The Code Part III_27-JULY-2017

PCA Declaratory Statement

The Westminster Confession of Faith – original

# G,S & C

G,S & C is the Gospel, Society and Culture Committee of the Presbyterian Church in NSW. It aims to help the church engage, bless and witness to our society and culture.