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Working Bee (1.12.2018)





Discipleship Training BBQ (16/11/2018)


Wednesday Fellowship (14.11.2018)

Bush Walking (27.10.2018)

Wollongong Gospel Choir at Berry (23.09.2018)


Discipleship Training (September 2018)

PWA Stall (08.09.2018)

Visit to the taste of Paradise (02.07.2018)

140th anniversary (29.04.2018)




Combined Youth Group (December 2017)

Discipleship Training (December 2017)

Bible Fellowship (2017)



Men’s Breakfast (November 2017)

Discipleship Seminar (August 2017)

Discipleship Training (June 2017)

Youth Group (Ten Pin Bowling in June 2017)

Congregation Photo 2017

At the door…

PWA Meeting 2017

Lorna Knapp 90’s birthday


Monday Bible Study group (13 March 2017)

Friday Coffee Gathering (3 March 2017)

2016 Christmas Day Service

Congregational Photo (18 Dec 2016)

2016 December Family Service (4 Dec 2016)  

Congregational Photo (4 Dec 2016)


Youth Group 10 pin Bowling day (8 April 2016)

IMG_6565 IMG_6563 IMG_6560 IMG_6541 IMG_6534

Congratulations Mr Gus Miller on your 30th Anniversary of your 60th birthday! We enjoyed on your special day, and trust that God will give you many more years of health ahead.


Congratulations Tom and Naomi on your son Darcy Andrew Swan’s Baptism 21 June 2015.

We sincerely pray that you both would enable to be faithful to the promises you have made before God and congregations. So Darcy would grow up knowing Jesus Christ as his own Lord and Saviour, and that he would never depart from his faith and trust in Christ Jesus. God bless you Swan family!

DSC01316 DSC01339


Congratulations new God’s new creation ‘Darcy’ to Swan Family (13/05/2015) 

IMG_4077  IMG_4078

Youth Group (01.05.2015) @ Church Hall 6 pm

Youth Group 2015.05.01

Family Service (26.04.2015) @ Church Hall 5 pm

2015.04.26 Family Service 2  2015.04.26 Family Service 3

2015.04.26 Family Service 6 2015.04.26 Family Service 8

2015.04.26 Family Service 7

Mr. Mrs Mark & Thaiis Simpson’s Wedding Ceremony on 10.Jan.2015

IMG_3205 Mark & Thaiis 2 Mark & Thaiis 3 Mark & Thaiis 1

2014 Family Service – a photo with Sunday School teachers


2014 Christmas Gifts for Sunday School presented by PWA (16/11/2014)

P1040671P1040672 P1040686P1040684P1040674P1040676P1040678P1040677P1040680P1040679P1040682

On 9th Nov 2014, we are pleased to announce to you all that the following new members have been admitted to the church;

Thaiis Hunnerscheidt through Baptism

Thaiis' Baptism

Graeme Copeland and Mark Simpson through Profession of Faith

Graeme & Mark 1

Pam Mance and Charmiane Poulton by transfer from the Nowra Congregation

Pam & Charmiane


Visitation of the Wollongong Welsh Choir in presenting of favourite hymns at Scots’ Presbyterian church, Berry. All the donations go to support our SECET teachers in local high schools (14/Sep/2014)

The Wollongong Welsh Choir 1 The Wollongong Welsh Choir 3

The Wollongong Welsh Choir 2

The Wollongong Welsh Choir 4

Congratulations to Jeanette Galbraith who was awarded a Bronze Shoalhaven Medal for her community work within Berry and the Shoalhaven! She was one of six to be awarded medals out of a group of 65 nominees.

Jeanette Galbraith   P1040175 P1040173


SECET Supporters’ Lunch (15/06/2014)

SECET Lunch 2  사진 2

Working Bee (7.06.14) Marvellous job done to clean the Hall.

Working Bee1 7.06.14 IMG_0278

Sunday Worship Service & Sunday School (01.06.2014)

Sunday Service 1.6.14  Sunday School 1.6.14

Margaret’s Funeral Service 28.05.2014 @ Church Hall

Margaret's Funeral Service 1   Margaret's Funeral Service 2

Sunday Worship Service (04.05.2014)

Sunday Worship

Friday Coffee Gathering @ Hedgehog Cafe (2.May.2014)

Coffee gathering

Kids’ Fun Day!!!

Eden Flynn Callan Isabel  Aiden Flying Joel Kids' fun day

Margaret & Naomi

Margaret and Naomi

Masonic Village Visitation in March 2014

Masonic Village Visitation in March 2014  Masonic Village Visitation 3 in March 2014